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dimanche 11 janvier 2009

Nouvelle Publication: Unmasking Terror

La Jamestown Foundation, avec laquelle je collabore en temps qu'analyste, a récemment publié son volume annuel intitulé "Unmasking Terror", édité par Andrew McGregor. Ce livre, comme chaque année, fait le point sur l'ensemble des événements liés au terrorisme à l'échelle globale. Ce travail fastidieux est réalisé grâce à un agencement malin des nombreux textes publiés par la Jamestown Foundation tout au long de l'année (Terrorism Focus et Terrorism Monitor).

Un de mes textes est repris dans l'édition de cette année, sur l'évoltion du terrorisme en Europe.

Je mets également ci-après trois commentaires élogieux de trois experts renommés du terrorisme sur cet ouvrage:

"The Jamestown Foundation provides an invaluable service, analyzing and tracking developments in terrorism and insurgency. For professionals in the field, Jamestown reports have gained 'required reading' status for their clarity and timeliness. Unmasking Terror is a crucial analytical reference: I have every volume of the series and refer to it regularly. This year's edition looks set to continue the high standard Jamestown has set in previous years. I commend it to any student or professional in the fields of terrorism and insurgency."

—David Kilcullen
Special Advisor for Counterinsurgency to the Secretary of State, U.S. State Department

"Jamestown is one of the rare organizations tracking terrorism that analyzes the full scope of terrorist movements objectively and without ideological bias. Unlike so many other analyses that view the terrorist phenomenon from a narrow and shallow police perspective, Jamestown's work sets terrorist activities in the broader political, cultural, sociological, and geopolitical context in which they operate--the only way it is possible to understand them--and defeat them. Indispensable reading.

—Graham E. Fuller
Former Vice Chair of the National Intelligence Council at CIA; Adjunct Professor of History at Simon Fraser University and author of The Future of Political Islam (2003)

"Like its predecessors, the new Unmasking Terror volume provides the most comprehensive annual survey of global terrorism trends and developments available. It is an essential research tool for anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of terrorism today and its impact on international, regional, and local security.

—Bruce Hoffman
Professor, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
and author of Inside Terrorism (2006)

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