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lundi 14 juillet 2008

Revue de Presse (7 juillet - 13 juillet)

Congo: “Gunmen kill 2 in attack on WWF vehicle in gorilla park” (International Herald Tribune) - Fifteen gunmen ambushed a vehicle belonging to an international conservation group in an eastern Congo gorilla reserve, killing two people and wounding three others, officials said Wednesday.

EU: “Sharing terror intelligence among EU countries very important -- EU Council” (KUNA) - U countries must expand the way they exchange intelligence on terrorism, the EU Council stressed Wednesday. In a statement, the council said that given the current threats faced by EU citizens and the apprehension of many terrorist in EU countries, especially the UK, Germany and Spain, the council was urging counter-terrorism forces in the EU to cooperate with each other and with the world community.

Saudi Arabia: “Perks of penance for Saudi jihadis” (BBC) - In a small compound on the outskirts of Riyadh, the Saudi government is exploring new ways to combat extremism. This is still a prison, run by the Ministry of Interior and housed inside secure premises with high perimeter walls and barbed wire, but the Saudi authorities prefer to call it a "care centre" and refer to prisoners as "beneficiaries". This is not what you would imagine when you think of a typical Saudi jail.

Al-Qaida: “Al Qaeda members in Iraq move to 'hotter spots'” (Gulf News) - Some members of the Al Qaeda terror network in Iraq have started to leave the country for other hot spots in Africa, like Sudan and Somalia, security sources told Gulf News. A key reason behind the change in strategy is the intensity of the latest military strikes launched by Iraqi and US forces against the terror network, which has been the major challenge in restoring the stability of Iraq, the sources said.

Italy: “Italy frees hijacker of Achille Lauro cruise ship” (AP) - Italian authorities have ordered a Palestinian man expelled after he served his sentence for taking part in the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship, which resulted in the murder of an American citizen.

Algerie: “Des terroristes touaregs et du Sahara occidental dans les fiefs d’Al Qaïda du sud” (El Khabar) - Une source sécuritaire a rapporté, d’après un individu armé originaire du Sahel africain et arrêté récemment, que plus de 180 étrangers se trouvent dans les brigades de l’organisation d’Al Qaïda, de la région sud, parmi eux des éléments venant du Sahara occidental et même des Touaregs des pays du Sahel comme le Niger, le Tchad et le Mali.

US/EU: “U.S. seeks more European data sharing” (UPI) - The United States says it is negotiating to share information with European countries on the race, political and religious beliefs of criminal suspects. That information would be shared along with fingerprints and DNA information, The New York Times (NYSE:NYT) reported Tuesday.

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Frédéric a dit…

Pour les touaregs, il y a de droles de gus au Niger, un rebelle est devenu ministre puis à du quitter son poste aprés avoir défenestré un concurrent et il redevient rebelle :