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lundi 25 août 2008

Réaction Ukrainienne après l'Ossétie

Le président ukrainien Victor Ioutchenko publie une opinion dans le Washington Post de ce matin pour exprimer la position de son pays face à l'intervention russe en Géorgie. Extraits:

"The ongoing conflict between Russia and Georgia affects my country's interests. Military operations have taken place close to our borders, and the Russian Black Sea fleet was directly involved. The question of Ukraine's national security was acutely raised."

"(...) This weekend Ukraine celebrated the anniversary of its independence. This conflict has proved once again that the best means of ensuring the national security of Ukraine and other countries is to participate in the collective security system of free democratic nations, exemplified today by NATO. In accordance with national legislation and its foreign policy priorities, Ukraine will continue following the path of Euro-Atlantic integration. This is the path of democracy, freedom and independence."

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